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Get Lost (2018)

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10 voting, rata-rata 5,0 dari 10

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Nonton Film Get Lost (2018) – Layarkaca21

Ringgo (Maxime Bouttier), Nadia (Agatha Valeria) the beautiful spoiled girlfriend Ringgo, Vina (Angelica Simpeler), Anton (Aga Dirgantara), Bombom (Indra Kharisma) plan exciting adventures when they miss school. When in the middle of the trip they had to turn their way through a cut road because they avoided the police operation on the highway. In the middle of the shortcut, their car was in trouble and when they accidentally saw an old building that turned out to be a Pendem (buried) fortress from the 1800s Dutch era. Because they were tired they decided to take a rest that night at Pendem. It turned out that the detour they chose also turned the direction of the times, starting Ringgo, Nadia, Vina, Anton, and Bombom felt that there was something different around them and continued to haunt them wherever they were when they were pendem.

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